At Brew Mart you will experience the finest in wine making.

We offer the best products for the in-store and home wine maker. At our large, clean, automated facility you will find competitively priced wine kits and all wine making equipment. Use of our facility ensures access to the best in wine making tools and equipment from purified reverse-osmosis water to an all glass winery to personalized, date stamped custom labels.

We offer a wide range of products from value priced Heritage Estates wine kits to the unsurpassed region specific En Primeur wine kits from RJ Spagnols. Making wine is a fun and cost effective way to enjoy a fine glass of wine with your friends and family.

Crafting wine at Brew Mart is fun and easy.

As an on-premise customer, you only need to do FOUR things:

  1. Choose a wine kit & pay for it on day one (see our list).
  2. Pitch the yeast onto the “must” (grape juice).
  3. Bottle the wine when it is ready.
  4. Take it home!

Our staff will expertly prepare the grape juice for you to sprinkle or “pitch” the yeast on ( YOU are legally required to do this), and then we take care of everything else until you come back to bottle it.

Introduction to craft winemaking

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Craft winemaking step by step

Bottling your wine

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