Wedding Specials

  • Are wedding packages available?
  • We have wedding packages starting at 3 batches of wine.
    Our wedding packages include 3 batches of wine, 90 bottles, 3 sets of labels and shrink caps. Pick from our two 5 week line ups and save $20 per batch made on site. Pick from our 6 or 8 week line ups and save $25 per batch made on site. The backgrounds for our labels can be seen at . There is a program available for download on their site called “Lasting Impressions” so that you can design your own labels and bring us the file for printing. Please check to make sure we have the label you select in stock. Let your imagination run wild.
  • How long before my event should I make my wine?

    It would be ideal to make your wine a minimum 4 months prior to your event, to ensure you will have a quality product to serve to your guests. If you are under a tighter timeline, we do have wines we can suggest to you that do not require as much aging time, but your selection will be limited.

  • How much wine will we need?   

    The calculation we use to determine how much wine to purchase is to average it out to 2 people per bottle.  Some people will only have one glass but others will have more.  You also have to decide if you will be serving wine at the rehearsal party and/or the gift opening the next day.

  • We don’t know much about wines, so what do you suggest?

    With weddings it is best to select wines will which appeal to the most people possible. Our staff would be pleased to help you select a product right for you.

  • Details on Special Occasion License

    Information on the Special Occasion licensing requirements can be found here.



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