On The Rocks Raspberry Lime Cider

On The Rocks Raspberry Lime Cider

Fresh flavour of lush raspberries hit you instantly with this one, followed by a sharp twist of lime at the end balancing it out well.– A real thirst quencher. Make your own great cider, easily and economically. Only sugar and water required.

Makes  23L

This new and unique range enables you to produce great tasting fruit ciders at home, quickly and easily.

Each On The Rocks kit contains 1.7kg of premium apple concentrate and a carefully developed fruit add back pack which contains real fruit juice to enhance the awesome fruity flavours in every last drop.

About On the Rocks Cider Kits

Takes 3-4 Weeks to Brew
Approx. ABV 5.9%
Makes 23 Liters
Includes easy step-by-step instructions

Ingredients required 1.3kg Sugar (dextrose) is required for each batch and up to 140g for priming.  Any white sugar can be used however we recommend dextrose, both for fermenting and for bottle priming.

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