Domestic hops are harvested in September, pelletized, then put into 11 pound mylar bags with a nitrogen flush. They are then stored at temps well below freezing until we repackage them into smaller increments to sell to you. We turn over our hops very quickly and regardless of crop year they are very fresh.

Alpha Acid percentages listed are not listed due to variances in crops and suppliers from year to year. If you’d like to confirm A.A. before ordering please use the ‘Contact Us’ link.

Amarillo GoldA flowery, citrus-like aroma with medium bittering value1 oz$2.99hops
CascadeA very popular U.S. variety, with a moderate bitterness level and fragrant, flowery aroma.1 oz$2.50hops
CentennialFlowers & citrus most evident. A medium aroma with mid to high bittering value1 oz$2.99hops
ChinookA herbal, almost smoky character when used during the last few minutes of the boil or when dry hopping.1 oz$2.99hops
CitraThe Citra hop is a high alpha acid hop with a strong, yet smooth floral and citrus aroma and flavor. 1 oz$2.99hops
ColumbusThis high alpha variety has a pungent aroma and clean bittering.1 oz$2.99hops
East Kent GoldingThe premier English aroma hop. Superb in English-style ales, and lend a unique character to fine lagers as well.1 oz$2.50hops
Falconers Flight1 oz$2.99hops
FuggleClassic English aroma hop with moderate bittering value. Pleasant wood and fruit tones1 oz$2.50hops
HallertauMild spicy flavor and aroma used in German lagers.1 oz$2.50hops
Northern BrewerA strong fragrant hop ideal for steam-style beers and ales. Northern Brewer has a unique mint-like evergreen flavor1 oz$2.50hops
NuggetNugget is a great bittering hop with a heavy herbal aroma.1 oz$2.99hops
PerleVery clean, almost minty bitterness and pleasant aroma.1 oz$2.50hops
SaazSaaz is the traditional noble hop for true pilsner beer. Saaz is famous for its spicy, clean bitterness. 1 oz$2.50hops
Simcoe Intense pine aroma adds to the fresh, youthful vigor. Dual purpose but generally considered a bittering hop.1 oz$2.99hops
SterlingHerbs and spices dominate, flowers and citrus around the fringes. Moderate bittering value.1 oz$2.99hops
TettnangerThe original noble hop from the Tettnang region of Germany, ideal for your finest lagers and wheat beers.1 oz$2.50hops
WillametteWillamette has a fragrant spicy woody aroma. An excellent American aromatic hops for ales and lagers. 1 oz$2.50hops

Some excellent information on hops can be found at the Hopunion site.

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