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Extract malts and malted grains for all of your beer making needs.

Malted Grains

Black Patent Malt1 lb.$1.99
Brown MaltBairds1 lb.$1.99
Chocolate Malt1 Lb.$2.25
Crystal Malt 15L1 lb.$2.05
Crystal Malt 40L1 lb.$2.05
Crystal Malt 60L1 lb.$2.05
Crystal Malt 80L DarkSimpsons1 lb.$2.05
Crystal Malt 120L1 lb.$2.05
ESB Pale MaltGambrinus ESB Malt1 lb.$1.50
Honey MaltGambrinus Honey Malt1 lb.$1.75
Marris OtterBairds1 lb.$1.95
Munich Malt 10L
1 lb.$1.90
Pale Malt 2-rowGambrinus 2-row Pale Malt1 lb.$1.50
Pilsner MaltGambrinus Pilsner Malt1 lb.$1.45
Roasted Barley1 lb.$2.05
Vienna MaltGambrinus Vienna malt1 lb.$1.60
Wheat MaltGambrinus Wheat Malt1 lb.$1.75

Extract Malts

Amber Malt"United Canadian Malt" amber malt extract1 litre$10.00
Glucose"United Canadian Malt" glucose1 lb.$2.50
Pale Malt"United Canadian Malt" pale malt extract1 litre$10.00
Golden Light DME
Light DME
Sparkling Amber DME
Traditional Dark DME
1 lb.
1 lb.
1 lb.
1 lb.

About all grain brewing

Malted grains are grains that can be converted from starches into sugars by the process known as “mashing”. These sugars take the place of malt extract in brewing. All-grain brewing requires some additional equipment and temperature control in the brewing process. The base malts provide the majority of the sugars and the specialty malts add flavour, body and character. All grain brewing isn’t difficult, and if you are currently an extract brewer, you may find it worth trying.

The Basics

If you’re a new beer brewer and would like a basic guide to the equipment you need and the beer brewing process check out this link.

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