Equipment & Supplies


Equipment & Supplies

The following is a partial list of the items we carry.

If you don’t see what you want send us an email. We may be able to include it on our next order.

Some items may have been discontinued.

For malt, hops or grain orders, we would appreciate it if you could email us or phone ahead so that we can have your order ready for your arrival. We can get busy and may not have the time to fill your order right away. You can also drop off your list in our store.



1 L plastic bottleeach1.45
355ml Amber Glass Bottleseach0.68
500ml Amber glass flip-top bottlesdozen39.95
500ML Beer PET Bottleseach0.75
E/Z Cap Bottles 500ml
E/Z Cap Belgian 750ml
Pet Capseach0.10
Polyseal Caps 28mmeach0.60
Polyseal Caps 38mmeach1.10
Screw Cap 38mm whiteeach0.25
Wine Bottles Cleareach1.15
Wine Bottles Greeneach1.15


Acid Blend 50 gr$3.50
Acid Blend 250 gr$7.00
Acid Test Kiteach$15.50
Beer Yeast Coopers
White Lab liquid
Bentonite 7 gr
250 gr
Bentonite 1000 gr$13.99
Beverage line cleaner4 oz.$6.99


Lactic Acid




Campden Tablets 25$1.99
Campden Tablets 50$3.75
Citric Acid 50 gr
250 gr
Clearing Agent K/C0$1.75
Dextrose (Corn Sugar)50 lbs$74.00
Dextrose (Corn Sugar)1 Kg$4.50
Fermcap "S" Foam Control30ml out of stock
Grape Concentrate Red1 literout of stock
Grape Concentrate White1 literout of stock
Grape Tannin 10 gr
25 gr
100 gr
Iodophor 4ozeach$10.99
Malic Acid 50 gr$3.99
Sodium Metabisulphite

50 gr
100 gr
125 gr
250 gr
1 kg


Pectic Enzyme 28 gr$2.50
Pectic Enzyme 100 gr$8.00
Rootbeer essenceeach$12.95
Steri Clean 250 gr$4.99
Tartaric Acid 50 gr
Turbo Yeasteach$10.00
Vinoka FlavoureachN/A
Wine Conditioner 1 liter
out of stock
Wine Conditioner 500 ml$6.95
Wine Yeast Lalvin
ICV D-47
Yeast Energizer2 oz
Yeast Nutrient 250 gr
50 gr


Airlock Econolock 3 Pieceeach$2.49
Alchometer - Spirits
Auto Siphon 1/2"eachout of stock
Auto Siphon 5/16"each$19.95
Ball Valve s/s 1/2: assembly weldlesseach$55.00
Bazooka Screen 7" x 1/2 mpteachout of stock
Beer/wine Bottle Brush 12"each$4.99
Bladder Opener Small
Bladder Opener Large
Bottle filler 1/2"each$5.99
Bottle filler smalleach$4.99
Bottle Sulphitereach$28.95
Bottle Tree 45each$24.95
Stainless Bottle Washereach$22.5
Bulkhead fitting for thermometereachout of stock
Bung #6.5each$2.00
Bung #8each$2.99
Bung #11each$4.49
Buon Vino Wine Filtereachspecial order
Capper Beer - Brass Headeachout of stock
Carboy Brush 30"each$9.95
Carboy Brush L Shapedeach$8.95
Carboy Handleeach$5.95
CO2 bottle 5 lb. aluminumeachout of stock
Corks Premiumeach$0.25
Corks Standardeach$0.15
Crown Capseach$0.03.5
EZ Cap Washerseach$0.25
Filter Pads #1 Mini Jeteach$4.50
Filter Pads #2 Mini Jeteach$4.50
Filter Pads #3 Mini Jeteach$4.50
Floating Thermometer Dairyeach$13.39
Funnel Plastic 25 cmeach$10.99
Glass Carboy 11.5l Cleareach$29.99
Glass Carboy 19leach$32.99
Glass Carboy 23leach$35.99
Hand Cappereach$28.95
Hand Corkereach$29.99
Haynes Lubri-Filmeach$12.99
Heat Belteach$29.95
Hop Boiling Bageach$2.50
Hose Clamp 1/2"each$4.99
Hose Clamp 5/16x7/16each$2.99
Hydrometer Test Jareach$5.95
Mash Tun 10 gal.eachout of stock
Mac Day Wine Labels30$7.00
Mac Day Wine Labels - Clear30$8.50
Nylon Straining Bag largeeach$12.99
Nylon Straining Bag smalleach$8.99
PET Carboy 23leach$25.00
Pot Brewrite s/s 30leachout of stock
Pot Brewrite s/s 38leachout of stock
pH test strips 100$10.99
Potassium Sorbate 30gmseach$2.50
Premium Stainless Steel Bottle Washereach$22.50
Primary 10 galloneach$26.95
Primary bucket 30leach
lid with gasket
Primary 20 gallon w/Lideachout of stock
Proof & Traille Hydrometer
Wine & Beer Triple Scale
Screen 7" x 1/2 mpteachout of stock
Shrink Capspack of 30$4.00
Siphon Hose 5/16"
Siphon Rod 1/2" - Longeach$5.99
Siphon Rod 3/8" - Longeach$4.50
Siphon Tip 1/2 INeach$0.50
Siphon tube stainless 3/8"x30"eachout of stock
Spoon 28"
Starter Kit each$99.95
Super Jet Filter Pads 3 Packeach$5.95
Super Jet Filter Pads each$29.95
Syphon tube s/s 3/8x30eachout of stock
T Stopper Plasticeach$0.35
Tap for Bucketseach$7.99
Thermometer 4" for brew kettleeachout of stock
Triple Scale Hydrometereach$12.99
Vinometereachout of stock
Wine Agitator DeGaseach$27.00
Wine Bladderseach$2.99
Wine Bottle Brush 19"each$4.99
Wine Thief - Plasticeach$11.99
Wine Thief Premiumeachout of stock
Monster Milleachby special order

Malted Grains

Black Patent Malt1 lb.$1.99
Brown MaltBairds1 lb.$1.99
Chocolate Malt1 Lb.$2.25
Crystal Malt 15L1 lb.$2.05
Crystal Malt 40L1 lb.$2.05
Crystal Malt 60L1 lb.$2.05
Crystal Malt 80L DarkSimpsons1 lb.$2.05
Crystal Malt 120L1 lb.$2.05
ESB Pale MaltGambrinus ESB Malt1 lb.$1.50
Honey MaltGambrinus Honey Malt1 lb.$1.75
Marris OtterBairds1 lb.$1.95
Munich Malt 10L
1 lb.$1.90
Pale Malt 2-rowGambrinus 2-row Pale Malt1 lb.$1.50
Pilsner MaltGambrinus Pilsner Malt1 lb.$1.45
Roasted Barley1 lb.$2.05
Vienna MaltGambrinus Vienna malt1 lb.$1.60
Wheat MaltGambrinus Wheat Malt1 lb.$1.75

Malt Extract

Amber Malt"United Canadian Malt" amber malt extract1 litre$10.00
Glucose"United Canadian Malt" glucose1 lb.$2.50
Pale Malt"United Canadian Malt" pale malt extract1 litre$10.00
Golden Light DME
Light DME
Sparkling Amber DME
Traditional Dark DME
1 lb.
1 lb.
1 lb.
1 lb.


Amarillo GoldA flowery, citrus-like aroma with medium bittering value1 oz$2.99hops
CascadeA very popular U.S. variety, with a moderate bitterness level and fragrant, flowery aroma.1 oz$2.50hops
CentennialFlowers & citrus most evident. A medium aroma with mid to high bittering value1 oz$2.99hops
ChinookA herbal, almost smoky character when used during the last few minutes of the boil or when dry hopping.1 oz$2.99hops
CitraThe Citra hop is a high alpha acid hop with a strong, yet smooth floral and citrus aroma and flavor. 1 oz$2.99hops
ColumbusThis high alpha variety has a pungent aroma and clean bittering.1 oz$2.99hops
East Kent GoldingThe premier English aroma hop. Superb in English-style ales, and lend a unique character to fine lagers as well.1 oz$2.50hops
Falconers Flight1 oz$2.99hops
FuggleClassic English aroma hop with moderate bittering value. Pleasant wood and fruit tones1 oz$2.50hops
HallertauMild spicy flavor and aroma used in German lagers.1 oz$2.50hops
Northern BrewerA strong fragrant hop ideal for steam-style beers and ales. Northern Brewer has a unique mint-like evergreen flavor1 oz$2.50hops
NuggetNugget is a great bittering hop with a heavy herbal aroma.1 oz$2.99hops
PerleVery clean, almost minty bitterness and pleasant aroma.1 oz$2.50hops
SaazSaaz is the traditional noble hop for true pilsner beer. Saaz is famous for its spicy, clean bitterness. 1 oz$2.50hops
Simcoe Intense pine aroma adds to the fresh, youthful vigor. Dual purpose but generally considered a bittering hop.1 oz$2.99hops
SterlingHerbs and spices dominate, flowers and citrus around the fringes. Moderate bittering value.1 oz$2.99hops
TettnangerThe original noble hop from the Tettnang region of Germany, ideal for your finest lagers and wheat beers.1 oz$2.50hops
WillametteWillamette has a fragrant spicy woody aroma. An excellent American aromatic hops for ales and lagers. 1 oz$2.50hops

Cleaning & Sanitizing

Star San Sanitizer16 oz.$35.00
Star San Sanitizer8 oz.$15.99
Beverage Line Cleaner4 oz.$6.99
Iodophor BTF Sanitizer946 ml.out of stock
Iodophor BTF Sanitizer500 ml.out of stock
Iodophor BTF Sanitizer4 oz.$10.99
PBW Powdered Brewery Wash1 lb.$11.99

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