Kettle Brewed Beer

Tired of the high price of commercial craft beer?

Looking for a brew that we can customize to your own personal tastes? Try brewing your own beer at Brew Mart. In as little as eighteen days we can make your beer. Craft beers will take longer, but are worth the wait!

We offer both kettle brewed beer and beer making from Brewhouse beer kits.

With our kettle brew systems we follow European traditions and use only the finest in malt, water, hops and yeasts to brew all-natural beer – no preservatives! All of our beer is cold-filtered and carbonated – thus ready to consume at bottling. Each batch makes approximately 48 liters.

Craft beers are also available “bottle-primed” and unfiltered for those of you that like to cellar your beer, and prefer the richer fuller taste.

Our bottling facility provides ample room to work and we utilize counter-pressure bottle fillers to ensure a quick and easy bottling experience.

We have all the supplies for the home brewer, from beer brewing kits to hops, grains, malt extracts and yeasts.

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