Beer Kits

Beer Kits

The following is a partial list of kits we will be stocking.
More will be added as time permits.
If you would like a kit made from any of our standard or craft beers, just let us know in advance and we will make it for you.

Many of these kits feature local malted grains from Gambrinus and hops from various local growers. All kits are made on-site from fresh ingredients.

If you are out of town we will mail these kits to you by Canada Post.

For shipping calculations the boxes are 12″x12″x12″ , and the weight is approx. 10 lbs for the extract kits and 15 lbs. for the all-grain.

Beer Kits – Extract

Extract brewing is the easiest way to get into brewing your own beer.
Kits include liquid malt extracts, hops, yeast, and if needed steeping grains.
For kits with steeping grains we suggest using a grain bag.
These kits make 19 liters of  beer.

Our starter equipment kits include all of the basics, plus the option of adding items to make the brew day quicker and easier. You will also need a boil kettle of at least 20 quart capacity.

American Brown AleIntermediate$36.95
Annacis Pale AleBeginner$36.95
Canadian LagerBeginner$36.95
Canadian PilsnerBeginner$36.95
Cream AleIntermediate$36.95
Dutch LagerBeginner$36.95
Genuine DraftBeginner$36.95
Honey Brown AleIntermediate$36.95
Mirror Pond AleIntermediate$36.95
Moose DroolIntermediate$36.95
Sierra Nevada Pale AleIntermediate$36.95
Smithwick's AleIntermediate$36.95
Yukon Gold AleIntermediate$36.95

Beer Kits – All Grain

These recipe kits include the base malt, specialty grains, hops and yeast to make your own craft beer. All-grain beer brewing gives you complete control over the final product.

In addition to the starter equipment kit, you will need a mash tun, a thermometer, grain mill,  grain bag and a boil kettle that can handle full volume brews.

American Brown AleAdvanced$36.95
American IPAAdvanced$36.95
California CommonAdvanced$36.95
German PilsnerAdvanced$36.95

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