Airlock Econolock 3 Pieceeach$1.75
Auto Siphon 1/2"each$18.95
Auto Siphon 5/16"each$15.95
Ball Valve s/s 1/2: assembly weldlesseach$55.00
Bazooka Screen 7" x 1/2 mpteach$22.50
Beer Bottle Brush 12"each$3.50
Bladder Openereach$5.99
Bottle filler 1/2"each$4.99
Bottle filler smalleach$4.99
Bottle Sulphitereach$24.95
Bottle Tree 45each$22.95
Brass Bottle Washereach$23.00
Bulkhead fitting for thermometereach$33.50
Bung #6.5each$1.39
Bung #8each$1.99
Bung #11each$3.29
Buon Vino Wine Filtereach$169.95
Capper Beer - Brass Headeach$49.95
Carboy Brush 30"each$9.95
Carboy Brush L Shapedeach$8.95
Carboy Handleeach$5.95
CO2 bottle 5 lb. aluminumeach$105.00
Corks Premiumeach$0.25
Corks Standardeach$0.15
Crown Capseach$0.04
EZ Cap Washerseach$0.25
Filter Pads #1 Mini Jeteach$3.25
Filter Pads #2 Mini Jeteach$3.25
Filter Pads #3 Mini Jeteach$3.95
Floating Thermometer Dairyeach$9.95
Funnel Plastic 30 cmeach$7.95
Glass Carboy 11.5l Cleareach$22.99
Glass Carboy 19leach$32.99
Glass Carboy 23leach$32.99
Hand Cappereach$22.95
Hand Corkereach$19.99
Haynes Lubri-Filmeach$12.99
Heat Belteach$28.95
Hop Boiling Bageach$2.50
Hose Clamp 1/2"each$3.99
Hose Clamp 5/16x7/16each$2.99
Hydrometer Test Jareach$4.95
Mash Tun 10 gal.each$199.95
Mac Day Wine Labels30$7.00
Mac Day Wine Labels - Clear30$8.50
Nylon Straining Bag largeeach$9.99
Nylon Straining Bag smalleach$8.99
PET Carboy 23leach$25.00
Pot Brewrite s/s 30leach$225.00
Pot Brewrite s/s 38leach$265.00
Pot econo s/s 39l each$139.00
Potassium Sorbate 30gmseach$2.09
Premium Brass Bottle Washereach$26.95
Primary 10 galloneach$25.95
Primary 11.5 litereach$14.00
Primary 20 gallon w/Lideach$44.95
Proof & Traille Hydrometereach$10.99
Screen 7" x 1/2 mpteach$22.50
Shrink Capspack$4.00
Siphon Hoseeach$0.75
Siphon Rod 1/2" - Longeach$5.99
Siphon Rod 3/8" - Longeach$3.50
Siphon Tip 1/2 INeach$0.50
Siphon tube stainless 3/8"x30"each$19.99
Spoon 28"each$5.99
Starter Kit Advancedeach$89.95
Super Jet Filter Pads 3 Packeach$5.95
Super Jet Filter Pads Loose 1 eacheach$1.50
Syphon tube s/s 3/8x30each$19.99
T Stopper Plasticeach$0.25
Tap Adaptereach$9.00
Tap for Bucketseach$6.99
Thermometer 4" for brew kettleeach$40.50
Triple Scale Hydrometereach$9.50
Wine Agitatoreach$27.00
Wine Bladderseach$2.99
Wine Bottle Brush 19"each$4.99
Wine Thief - Plasticeach$5.95
Wine Thief Premiumeach$9.99
Monster Milleach$255.00


New Beer Equipment 


Economy Brew Kettle – 42qt

Our most economical stainless steel brew kettle with cover. 15 5″ x 13 3/4″

Our price: $139.00


BrewRite kettle – 32qt

Heavy Duty, Stainless Steel BrewRite™ Brew Kettles. Feature a 1/4″ thick tri-clad bonded bottom with an aluminum core sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel for even heat distribution, eliminating hot spots and helps to prevent scorching of malt. Easy clean-up. Thick, padded bottom makes these kettles induction, gas, electric, and ceramic ready

Our price:  $225.00

BrewRite Kettle – 40qt

Heavy Duty, Stainless Steel BrewRite™ Brew Kettles. Feature a 1/4″ thick tri-clad bonded bottom with an aluminum core sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel for even heat distriubution, eliminating hot spots and helps to prevent scorching of malt. Easy clean-up. Thick, padded bottom makes these kettles induction, gas, electric, and ceramic ready

Our price: $265.00


Kettle Screen

Use this stainless steel kettle screen instead of a false bottom in your mash tun or boil kettles. Standard size of 1/2″mpt with an overall length of  7.5″.  Use with matching kettle valve .

Our price: $22.50

Dial thermometer

Dial Thermometer for Brew Kettle, 1/2″ MPT

Dial thermometer (3″ face x 6″ probe). 1/2″ mpt fitting. This no weld fitting can be used with any kettle with a 1/2″fpt opening and especially with Brew Kettle #65260-42

Our price: $40.50


CO2 Cylinder, 5lb, aluminum – EMPTY

Aluminum Cylinder CO2  5 pounds.

Our price: $105.00


Bulkhead Fitting for Cooler or Kettle

Bulkhead Fitting

Stainless Steel Bulkhead fitting. Contains one piece solid bulkhead, 2 expandable high temp orange orings , 2 stainless steel backnut

Our price: $33.50

Monster Mill MM2

MM2 Monster Mill c/w base and hopper.

Introducing the newest player in the home brewer mill market. This is a fresh design meant to compete and win against the best milling products available. It consists of a 6061 aluminum block frame with two 6″ long steel rollers riding on SAE 841 oil impregnated bronze bushings. We use a superior grade of steel that is much harder than what is found on most comparable products and should last almost twice as long. The drive shaft, and all the axles are integral to the roller rather than screwed into the ends. This makes it fine to drive the mill clockwise, or counter-clockwise. All the axles are 3/8″, with minimal freeplay in the bushings. With 20% more roller surface area than brand “C” and 44% more than brand “B”, you’ll get more throughput with the same drive speed, in either direction! One of the knurled steel rollers is driven by a standard 3/8″ electric drill (not included) to feed the grain through the adjustable gap and crush the grist. Both ends of the non-driven roller ride in bushings that are offset mounted in an adjustable knob. The knob is held in a fixed position by a set-screw that you can loosen to adjust the mill. This system provides an adjustment range of .070″. Our knobs are made from 303 stainless steel for excellent durability, and are larger in diameter than the competition, as well as knurled for a positive grip. We’ve also added a groove in our newest design knobs with a matching rounded head on the thumbscrew that allows for a much better grip on the knob to avoid gap changes while milling, and also providing knob retention

The hopper is constructed from 20 gauge G90 hot dip galvanized steel that should never rust. The material is more than 35 thousandths thick, and is super strong! The pieces are laser cut, and then CNC bent by our supplier in the USA. The hopper stands 9” tall above the mill, and the opening at the top is 11.5” by 12.75” with a capacity of at least 11 pounds of 2-row or pilsner malt. The hopper design directs the grist down into the mill gap, keeping it both away from the ends of the rollers, and from bouncing out of the gap. In testing there were no problems with positive feeding. The main six hopper parts are the same for any of our mills, while the sides that hold the hopper are different for each mill, and double as covers to keep the grist below the base. The base is hand fabricated by a cabinet maker from medium density fiber board, and measures just under 12” x 12”. The top edges and corners are radiused for smoothness, and the window for the grist to fall through is hand routed. The base fits over standard 5-6 gallon plastic buckets, and holds the mill frames straight and securely.

Our price: $255.00

Weldless Ball Valve assembly

Weldless Ball Valve with hose barb, 1/2″

The problem with most weldless fittings is they are thrown together from assorted hardware. Common issues include leaking and lots of flex when you use the ball valve. These new weldless fittings feature are designed for brewing. There is no comparison to the weldless fittings of yesterday with their rock-solid feel and a solid leak free connection.

This unit is also unique in that it feature 1/2″ female threads on the inside.This allows for unlimited flexibility.

Weldless kit includes a 1/2″ Full Port ball valve and a 1/2″ barb. All fittings are made from 304 type stainless steel for a lifetime of corrosion free use. Full installation directions included.

You will need to drill a 1″ hole in your kettle for installation of this weldless spigot. We recommend a Step Drill Bit for this.

Our price: $55.00

Igloo Mash Tun 10gal







10 Gallon Converted Igloo Cooler Mash Tun with all Stainless Steel Bazooka Screen and 2 Piece Ball Valve. Fully converted cooler for use as a mash tun for all grain brewing. Insulated coolers are widely known for their ability to hold temperatures where you need it for the duration of the mash. Features a 7″ Bazooka Screen and 1/2″ Barb attachment for the ball valve for draining your wort. 


Our price: $199.95

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